Scenerunna - The Ultimate Camera, Lighting, And Prop Suite For Blender

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Elevate Your Creative Vision with SceneRunna for Blender!

🎉 Unlock a whole new dimension of creativityspeed, and professional-quality results. Whether you're a seasoned Blender artist or just starting out, SceneRunna streamlines your workflow and elevates your art. 🎉

Here's what's inside: 

With SceneRunna, you get three key tools in one:

  • Easy & Professional Camera Control
  • Smart & Cinematic Looking Lightings
  • Amazing Looking Props

     Let's dive into the features of these game-changing categories.


    🎥 Master Your Camera Animations with Unparalleled Ease

  • 1. Six Unique Camera Rigs:

     From sweeping arcs to intense point-of-views, our curated suite of Six dynamic camera rigs is carefully made for every scene and emotion you wish to convey:

  • Arc
  • Crane shot
  • POV
  • Dolly zoom
  • Straight Line
  • Standalone

     You have the ability to change the camera focal length directly in the rig!

🌟 Access camera settings & Rig Setting Quickly.


🌟 Make Your Own Animation Presets easily!


🌟 Draw Your Own Path: A powerful feature to guide your camera's movement with ease.

🌟 Visualize Depth Of Field: See exactly where your camera is focusing—no guesswork required!

  • 2. Camera Shake Made Simple:

    Five pre-built shakes for genuine cinematic vibes.

   ✨ Why Just Five? Because more were too alike—these five give you true variety.

   ✨ Add Your Own Shakes: Customization at your fingertips with the help of custom presets.


  • 3. Switch Cameras in a Flash:

     Navigate between camera angles with live feedback, optimizing your scene composition without breaking a sweat.

  • 4. Resolution Control:

     From quick draft previews to awe-inspiring 4K resolutions, your choice of render quality is merely a click away.




   💡 Illuminate Your Vision—Effortlessly

  • Professional Light Presets For Cycles & Eevee:

     Our artist-driven lighting presets adapt to any object and environment. You're not just adding light; you're infusing emotion and drama!

  • Two-Step Creative Freedom

     Our modular approach lets you choose your main light setup before adding a cinematic touch with specialized rim light presets.

     You get unique 13 main lights and 8 rim lights presets that are optimized for different categories like Full-Body Lighting, Object Lighting, Portrait Lighting, and Product Lighting; And you get to create many more new presets with the combination of these two! You can Generate up to 104 unique Lighting Presets!

  • Main Lights are: 

     1.Overhead Lighting

     2.Paramount Lighting

     3.Silhouette Lighting  

     4.Silhouette Lighting V2

     5.Silhouette Lighting  V3

     6.Silhouette Lighting  V4

     7.Silhouette Lighting  V5

     8.Split Lighting  

     9.Spot Lighting  

hree Point Lighting

    11.Three Point Lighting V2


    13.Underlighting V2

And Loop Lighting in some relevant categories

  • Rim Lights are:

     1. Overhead Rim Light

     2. Overhead Rim Light V2

     3. Overhead Rim Light V3

     4. Side Rim Light

     5. Side Rim Light V2

     6. Side Rim Light V3

     7. Side Rim Light V4

     8. Under Rim Light

  • Infinite Customization & Easy Settings

     With SceneRunna, lighting isn’t just a feature—it’s an art form. Add fill lights, reflectors, volumetric atmosphere, and even generate mood-matching color palettes to set on your lights. Necessary Settings are right there and you can access them with ease! False color for example; exact control over how bright your lights are!


  • And Of Course You Can Make Your Own Presets



   🎭 Purposeful Prop Integration

  • Contextually Intelligent Props

    Choose from a range of meticulously designed props that adapt in scale and dimension to your primary subjects, enriching your visual story.

  • Procedural Materials

    Variety of procedural materials for endless customization.

  • Add Your Own!



   🛡Still Contemplating?

     Don't just render—tell stories, evoke emotions, and captivate audiences. With SceneRunna, you're not only accelerating your workflow; you're elevating your entire creative journey to professional cinematic heights.

  • 🚀 Speed Up Your Workflow: All-in-one tool for cameras, lighting, and props.
  • 🎨 Unleash Your Creativity: More freedom to focus on your art.
  • 💡 No More Guesswork: Tools like focus distance visualization and meaningful camera shake options remove ambiguity and simplify choices.

  • 🌟 SceneRunna is More Than an Add-on; It's Your Next Creative Partner
  • 🌟 Don't miss out—make the smart choice to upgrade your Blender experience today!

Future Updates

Choosing SceneRunna means investing in an addon that grows with you. We're constantly updating and adding features based on user feedback. So, stay tuned for future updates that will make your Blender projects even more remarkable!

We have an exciting roadmap planned for SceneRunna, including features like gobos, auto exposure, a preview panel for custom animations, and many more professional lighting features. Plus, a search bar option for presets is on the way! Updates are free for everyone who has purchased our addon.


Step into the future of Blender storytelling with SceneRunna. Your audience awaits. happy blending everyone!

— The SceneSages Team

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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