Rev: Model A Muscle Car In Blender

by CG Cookie in Training

Learn to model a low-poly muscle car

In this mini-course, we will explore creating a lower-poly styled muscle car entirely in Blender completely from scratch. Our main goal is learning both Blender and 3D modeling through the application of these skills in a fun, accelerated project that will produce a visually awesome result. We will also discover how we can apply different shader techniques to give our model texture, bringing life into our model and offering us endless variety of looks through customizable parameters.


The main focus of this course is offering a simple modeling course to give you stellar results in under two hours.  During that time, you will be exposed to many different modifiers to make modeling easier and get you comfortable with making Blender work for us. 

We'll break the process down into modeling the muscle car in parts:

  • Body
  • Top 
  • Tire
  • Notions
  • Underside


Nothing says hot rod like some shiny red paint, or orange or hot pink...🔥 🔥 🔥. We'll follow up our modeling section with a lesson on using simple shaders to build car paint and subsequent materials.

About the Author

Chunk Trafagander is a Freelance Game Artist, Indie Dev, Tutorial-Maker and, in general, a curious mind.  Having worked for a few indie developers, he has been able to touch most roles in game development, which he also likes to break down in various formats on his YouTube channel "Get Learnt."

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