Render Rig

by JohnGDDR5 in Addons

Current Version: 1.0

What is RenderRig?

RenderRig is an add-on that allows you to render your rigs in Blender 2.79. Very useful for riggers, character artists, and animators who want more control to showcase their rig without having to resort to rendering in the OpenGL viewport.

  • Adjust Curve Thickness & Resolution

  • Quickly select duplicated Custom Bone objects & or armature

  • Change color of materials based on Gone Group state (i.e. normal, active, selected)

What it does:
  • Duplicates, parents, & transforms Custom Bone objects to respective bones

  • Converts duplicates into curve objects for thickness and resolution values

  • Creates and applies materials based on Bone Groups and their state colors

  • Unzip file

  • Install add-on from file

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Sales 40+
Published over 5 years ago
Blender Version 2.79
License GPL
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