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Render Tools


Render Tools:  is an set of tools very handy for Blender users can get ID Render pass and Mask Render Selected Objects. Similar what we have in Corona Render and Vray to have control in pos-production!

Blender Version Supported: Also work with the the upcoming Blender 4.0


Go to Edit > Preferences >1-     Choose Install and select the file

2-     Activate it

3-     In the side Panel you should have now a tab with the name Selection Tools where all the tools will be available.


ID Pass Tool:

With 2 clicks! you will be able to add randomly to the entire scene ID colors and render the final ID Pass image. You also have the possibility to add individually to each object a ID color.

Mask Pass Tool:

This is a very useful tool to quick select the object or objects that you want to render individually and press "Render Mask Pass", and you will get the final render only for the selected objects with transparency ready to compose in the final image. This too is similar what we find in Corona and Vray to quick render mask objects to fix things or update the final image without to have to render the entire image again!

Support: Also Motion Blur and Depth of field objects for the render Mask pass, for Still images as well for Sequence animation.


When install a update, after you install it please always restart Blender.

1.1 Update

- Added : Apply a specific id color to the selected objects
- Added : The feature to render animation for ID Pass and for Render Mask Pass

1.2 Update

- Some Bugs Fix
- UI Improvements

1.3 Update

- Render Mask animation Bug Fix
- New feature added "ID color per object",  when activated apply´s specific id color per object instead per material

- UI Improvements

1.4 Update

- New Tool added "Bake ID to Texture" This tool bakes the id colors created with the id color tools into the texture in the existent uv´s or with the option Unwrap enabled, it will automatically unwrap you model and bake the id colors.
- UI Improvements

1.5 Update

- Minor Bug´s fix
- Feature added " Mask Selection Presets" now you can save your mask selections

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Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
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