Render Multi Objects

by sum studio in Addons

This addon repeats rendering multiple time(per objects) with the active camera at the same angle in one click.

When you want to render for multiple objects in the scene, it is very tedious to repeat the work of "render once, change the camera position and render again".

You can simplify it with this addon.

How to use
  • Set camera and render settings as you want. (You need to set output filepath to directory not file.) 
  • Select objects that you want to render. (You can ignore this process if you will use Active Collection option later.)
  • Set object active. (Each is rendered while maintaining the positional relationship between this object and the camera.)
  • Render > Render Multi Objects.

The above result

6 images were rendered once.


Object Select Type: "Selected" will render selected objects. "Active Collection" will render objects in active collection.

Solo Each Object: Render only each object, hiding other objects. (This will only affect selected or in active collecition objects.)

Fit Selection to Camera Frame: Moves the active camera (without changing its orientation) so that its view frames the selected objects.


  • Download zip file.
  • Go to Blender’s user preference, open the Add-ons tab

    • Click Install and select the zip file.

      • Check the box next to its name to enable it.


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