Real Runes - Symbol Modelling Add-On

by Blue Nile 3d in Modifier Setups

Check a tutorial / video guide in the ''Video Demo'' above.

Real Runes is a growing library of symbols and glyphs.

They can be added to any curve with one click.

General Use Case:

  • Add a curve object / make a curve from mesh edges.
  • Press 'Apply Runes to selected curve'
  • Choose your desired Rune category and Rune Type
  • Iterate and style your Runes with various parameters

Naxi Dongba pictographs

Real Rune has currently 80 Rune types. Some Rune types such as 'Naxi' contain more than 1000 pictographs.

Historical - for a touch of realism

Magical - for spells and sigils

Latin - for writing custom, readable text

Fictional - for inspiration and fan art

Read the 'Real Runes - Font Guide and Sources' included in both free and paid versions to check all available Rune Types and their histories.

Easy customization:

Being powered by Geometry Nodes means customization is quick and easy. Runes can be extruded, smoothed, beveled and more straight from the add-on / modifier.

To install or not to install

If you love add-ons, great! Install Real Runes and use it like any other add-on. Don't want another add-on? Super, append the node group and use it like any other Geometry Nodes asset


No one likes to jump in without trying so I have included a free limited version of Real Runes with the full Geometry Nodes group and 5 Rune fonts to get you started.

Free Version
Historic Version
Full Version
5 Rune types
All Historic Rune types (Currently 20)
All Rune types (Currently 80)
Sword Generator Demo File and documentation
Sword Generator Demo File and documentation
Sword Generator Demo File and documentation + .zip of included fonts.
No future updates
Free future updates of Node Tree and Historic Runes
Free future updates

I have also included the free sword generator demo file -'RealRunes_Demo_Sword_Maker' to get you started in testing Real Runes capabilities.

Update log

Make sure to uninstall the current addon before installing the new one and restart blender.

Real Runes 1.1
 - Added 12 more Rune types in the 'Latin' category.
- Fixed an error in the 'help/example' files where 'curve tilt' was not set properly.

This was made with Serpens! I couldn't have made it without that product, it is incredible!

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Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License GPL
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