Rattan Ceiling Lampshade With Accent Colours

by Grant R. Brown in Models

Rattan Ceiling Lampshade with Accent Colours

A high-quality 3D model of a modern and stylish rattan lampshade. This asset is fully modelled for superior render quality. Included is the lampshade, ES bulb, and ES ceiling socket

These are ready to use assets and will give best results if used with Cycles.

The lampshade is 43x43x45cm. The bulb socket is finished in Dark Copper/Bronze, whilst the ceiling fitting is gloss black. 

Technical Info

  • Bulb and Bulb Socket - Faces: 10,698 
  • Lampshade - Faces: 497,487
  • Fully UV unwrapped and textured
  • All objects and textures have unique meaningful names

Note: Whilst the model should work with all versions of Blender (including versions prior to v3.0), the rattan material does make use of geometry nodes and so will likely note function correctly in blender versions older than 3.0. 

Thanks for looking!