Quick Playblast

by Alexis Rivera in Addons

What is a Playblast?

A Playblast is a quick preview that lets you make a "sketch" of your animation, providing a realistic idea of your final render result without requiring the time needed for a formal render.

What is "Quick Playblast"?

Quick Playblast is an addon that allows you to create in a faster way a playblast inside Blender and export it as MP4 file format. I created this addon for me and for Blender animators to speed up the workflow while working on personal or commercial projects.

1) Open the layout panel "N" tab and select "Quick Playblast".

2) Go to into camera view.

3) Click on the folder icon and select the destination folder.

4) Change your file format to MP4 with the "Apply MP4 Settings" button.

5) Click on "Render Playblast" and your viewport animation will be rendered.

Published 9 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
License GPL
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