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Quick Files is a Blender addon that makes it easier to find all your blend files and open them right from the viewport.

With Quick Files, you no longer have to waste time navigating through file explorer windows to find your blend files. Simply press a button and the Quick Files interface will appear, displaying a list of all the blend files in your project directory. You can filter and sort this list by file name or date, making it easy to find the exact file you need.


Simply install the addon like you would install any other addon and you will find the Files tab in the side panel. You can also press F6 to quickly access the popup panel.


With Quick Files, you have complete control over your blend files with a range of intuitive buttons.


The Open button allows you to quickly open any blend file in the list, making it easy to access your work.


The Append button makes it effortless to add the data from any blend file into your current scene with a single click, saving you valuable time.


The Rename button lets you quickly rename any blend file in the list, so you can keep your project organized and easy to navigate.


The Delete button allows you to remove any blend files that are no longer needed, freeing up valuable disk space.


the Duplicate button gives you the ability to quickly create a copy of any blend file, making it easy to experiment with different variations of your work.

Recent Files Panel:

The plugin also includes a convenient side panel for quick access to your recent files. This side panel displays a list of the most recently used blend files, making it easy to quickly jump back to your previous work.

This Addon was requested by xan2622 in my discord server.

For feedback and queries contact blenderrantools@gmail.com

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