Queen's Gambit | Social Scene

by Erick Choy in Models

Step into the world of Queen’s Gambit with our exquisite 3D Social Scene

Experience the enchanting world of Queen’s Gambit in stunning 3D with our meticulously crafted environment. This immersive social scene captures the essence of the show and provides a captivating backdrop for your 3D projects.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you decide to bring this extraordinary creation into your creative realm:

1. Comprehensive scene file

.Blend Scene: Dive into the enchanting world of Queen’s Gambit with the Blender scene file. It’s fully equipped with cameras, composites, and lights, providing a complete environment ready to be explored.

2. Stunning rendered images Enjoy 10 beautifully rendered images in .PNG format, showcasing different perspectives and lighting conditions of this exquisite social scene.

3. A wealth of realistic props

  • Vinyl records: A collection of 5 vinyl records, each with its own cover, as well as a vinyl record collection.
  • Paper posters: Elevate the atmosphere with 8 paper posters that add character to your scene.
  • Glass bottles: 7 glass bottles complete with their labels.
  • Glass cups: 5 glass cups, add sophistication to your social setting.
  • Beer cans: 5 beer cans, each with its own label for added realism.
  • Books and magazine: A collection of 13 books with different covers, along with 1 magazine.
  • Crumpled papers: 3 textured crumpled papers, enhance the ambiance.
  • Chess assets: Chessboard, pieces, and a clock, inviting strategic gameplay.
  • Beth Harmon’s pills: A bottle of Beth Harmon’s iconic pills, adding a touch of nostalgia.
  • Leather boxes: 6 leather boxes, perfect for storage or decor.
  • Typewriter machine: A classic typewriter machine for an old-world charm.
  • Turntable: A turntable for vinyl enthusiasts.
  • Carpets: 2 elegant carpets that define the space.
  • Nicoletta Ceccoli paint: 1 unique piece of art to infuse creativity.
  • Ashtrays: 3 ashtrays with cigarettes, creating an authentic atmosphere.
  • Curtains: 3 curtains, enhance the visual appeal.
  • Furniture: A selection of carefully crafted furniture pieces that add character to the scene.
  • Acoustic guitar: A musical addition for those soulful moments.
  • Radiator: A radiator for authenticity.
  • Cushions: A collection of cushions for comfort and style.
  • Plant: A plant to breathe life into your space.

4. Filmic Blender compatibility The scene is optimized with the Troy filmic setting for Blender, ensuring a rich and cinematic visual experience. You can find this setting at https://github.com/sobotka/filmic-blender.

Don’t Miss Out On The Opportunity To Immerse Yourself In This Exquisite 3D Social Scene Inspired By Queen’s Gambit.

Standard use license.

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Published over 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.9
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