Pro Materials Exteriors

by Alvaro Rodriguez in Models

ProMaterials Exteriors is a complete package of professional and photorealistic shaders/materials for Blender, specially made for making exteriors. In this volume, the main theme is Urban Exteriors. 

  • All Assets, Models and Scenes are Included
  • RAW Renders (No post-production added)
  • 4K Diffuse Maps
  • Seamless Textures
  • No Texture Tile (too repetitive texture)
  • Learn How are made photorealistic shaders easily!
  • Complete PBR Maps Diffuse, Specular, Normal Maps, Dirt Alpha Maps and Decals.
  • Customizable Materials!

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Great Package of Materials 

  • Concrete Walls and Floors
  • Wet Pavements with Puddles
  • Asphalt Materials (with custom decals),
  • Cobblestones 
  • Rusty Metal
  • Stone Wall
  • Bricks Wall
  • Dirty Car-Paint
  • Dirty Glass
  • And more.

More than Seamless Textures

The materials are based on bitmap textures with alphas for adding dirt and imperfections combined for:

  • Giving more realism
  • Breaking pattern or tiling effect (too repetitive and non realistic)


Dirt Alpha Map Example



With No Dirt Alpha Maps (common way):

The material looks too repetitive and non-realistic:


With Dirt Alpha Maps

The material looks more irregular and with details of dark stains, very common in outdoor walls.


Customizable Alphas for Making Variations

You can control the intensity of the alphas and the coordinates for adjusting the size and position in the Mapping nodes.


Decals are materials with transparency for making effects, details or common objects like cigarette butts, leaves, bottle caps that are scattered over the streets.



Leaves, Cigarette Butts, Bottle Caps are common objects scattered on the streets.


5 Asphalt Pothole Repairs (decals)

With this group of decals add incredible details to the asphalt materials for giving more realism and imperfections

Customizable Asphalt Signs

Also, decals can be useful for adding details to the materials. Swap between different decals alpha maps even you can create your own alphas very easily!

Color Customizable

In the Asphalt Signs Paint Frame, you can change Paint Color.

Custom Color Materials

There are some materials which you can change the color to anyone you want.

Incredible Value

One Single Material like Rusty Metal can be used not only in exteriors. It can be useful for another object. This material was used for an antique oil lamp and the metal strips of a barrel.

As you can see one single material worth more than just one.

Incredible Shaders

You can even control  Transparency and Reflection Intensity, Position and Scale of the puddles in the wet Pavements materials.

Everything is controlled with Dirt Alpha Maps and Nodes.

Complete User Manual and Visual Guide

Easy to use and with complete documentation included for helping to understand the entire product.

Sales 40+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 5 years ago
Blender Version 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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