Procedural Trees Using Geometrynodes

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Procedural Trees using Geometrynodes

These two Trees are non-descructivly constructed from modifiers and Weights, Displacements, Arrays - and are bound to a Empty for Control. For the First Time Geometrynodes are available in Blender 2.92 or 2.93 and this file makes heavy use of it, hence it is pretty responsive for a tree and you can create an unlimited amount of variation from only one blend file. You can control the density of leafs and branches - have a look into the file - adjust the parameters in the geometrynode-modifier-settings. Save it multiple times, and you will have different trees for your environment. 

You will have to download a 2.92 / 2.93 Build of Blender, which features geometrynodes and is experimental, for this Blend-File to work!

This File is a sneak peak into Geometrynodes, it is for learning purposes, undoubtedly things will change in regards to how things get handled in Geometrynodes in the future and this file will be obsolete some time soon.  

If you don't want to spend 8 Euros (4 per tree - blenderfoundation, and blendermarket get their share - i'll be collecting around 4 Euros from your Purchase) i have recorded the creation of these trees - however this file is an improvement over the recorded sessions.

Have Fun!

Procedural Tree Creation

Procedural Fir


The Demoscene consist of some Trees, Gras and Stones - it helps to visualize how you can use Geometrynodes further. The Graspatch can be adjusted in the Geometrynodes-modifier

Animationnodes L-System Tree

This one is special, you would need to have some knowledge how to retrieve and install Animationnodes ( ). When Done you will have the option to create unlimited different looking trees by a click on the Seed-Option.

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