Procedural Texturing | Blender Master Class

by Creative Shrimp in Training

This course was recorded using an older version of Blender. This means that if using the latest version of Blender please expect there to be some interface differences. 

This course aims to level up your procedural texturing skills, while taking you step by step, through the journey of building a realistic mossy brick wall shader. With the techniques explored here, you will unlock the power of nodes, enabling you to create countless other materials.

What is procedural texturing?

Procedural texturing transforms simple math into boundless photorealistic shaders with infinite variety and resolution.

Go beyond image textures that look like a mush of pixels close-up, and wield the power of procedural textures with crisp details and no repeated patterns in sight.

Are you playing with node sliders and getting some interesting results but not really sure what is happening under the hood? With a firm grasp of the inner workings of nodes, you'll be confident in tweaking the parameters to get the precise effect you want.

What You'll Learn

  • A wealth of procedural texturing techniques
  • How to create a realistic procedural mossy wall shader from scratch
  • Procedural texturing workflow
  • The material nodes essentials
  • Pro tips for utilizing the power of nodes in Blender
  • Tips for organizing your node trees and keep your sanity

Instructor: Luca Rood

Hi, I'm Luca Rood and I am a 3D Software Developer, Researcher, and Technical Artist, with over a decade of experience with Blender, and a long term passion for procedural node-based workflows in particular. 

If you want to follow my work, check out my Twitter.

What's Inside?

Video Info: 4.5+ hours, 1920x1080, MP4 format

55+ Videos

The full process of creating a realistic, mossy brick wall procedural shader in Blender

Project Files (Including the easily customizable UberShader)

Tips and tricks of procedural noding

Software: Blender 2.9x

Skill Level: Intermediate

What Will I Need?

100% Blender, no third party plugins.

Difficulty: Intermediate

This course spends most of its time at an intermediate level, but if you do consider yourself a beginner and want to dive in head-first, we've actually got you covered too! There’s nearly 2 hours of specifically beginner targeted content to get you started, though we feel confident that there are many things within those chapters that will surprise even more seasoned node enthusiasts.

The first section goes over the fundamentals, to get you started with nodes and shading in general. Here we’ll cover the essential theory behind rendering, an overview of nodes, how to optimize Blender for some serious node-play, and more!

The second section is where we make the actual mossy brick wall. This is the main part of the course, which will take you through the whole process, step by step, while explaining every technique we use and giving you many tips and best practices.

The third and final section dives into more detail on specific subjects. These videos are not sequential, and can be watched at any time to give you more information on a particular topic. These videos are also referenced throughout the course, wherever relevant.


All the necessary .blend files are included.

The Mossy Brick Wall uber-shader ready for customization is now available and included!

What the Artists Say?

"Absolute awesomeness throughout the course! I wouldn't expect anything less from the node wizard Luca Rood. This course is something I would have needed badly when I was getting started with Proceduralism. Very well paced and on point. Highly Recommended!" 

M D Sai Charan Aka Just 3D things - Procedural Artist

"10/10! Luca is super knowledgeable and extremely thorough in this course. To break down such a big topic into such fun, bitesized chunks is no mean feat! I can't recommend it enough!"

Erindale Woodford - 3D Artist

"An excellent course for both beginners and intermediates alike, taking you from fundamentals and a conceptual understanding of procedural texturing to creative application. Even veterans might learn a thing or two here - I certainly did!"

Sophie Ahltorp, Creative Operations Facilitator and Artist

“All you need to master procedural shading in Blender, guided by clear detailed explanation and top-notch animations.”

Iyad Ahmed - Software Developer / Artist

“Specific, informative, outstanding! An incredible adventure through procedural textures, which will take the creation of realistic materials in Blender to a new level! Great work! ”

Anton Dmitriev, 3D Artist

"If you want to get a head start making your own complicated material setups while keeping your sanity, definitely give this course a go! There's loads of concepts in here that I would love to know before I even get started, that would save TONS of time doing guesswork when I could have been creating."

Mingwei Lim, 3D Artist

"This fabulous course by Luca has everything you need to become a master of procedural texturing in blender. It covers everything from the basics of rendering and shading all the way to organizing your huuuge node trees! "

Vignesh Vembar aka Proud_Imagination, Procedural CG Artist

"If you are serious wanting to be 3D shader artist,  this fundamental course on shader by Luca is highly recommended. From basic to intermediate advanced level. Equip you all the essentials understanding of shader creation in general, great manageable workflow working with Blender Nodes and also an in depth detailed Bricks shader build up, complete with graph visualization of shader Math.”

Jimmy Gunawan - Blender Sushi

"This is the course I wish I had when I was learning shaders. Not quite done with it yet but this is amazing so far and I've actually learned some cool stuff I hadn't thought of or even knew about before." 

Gabe Bettini - Shader/Material Wizard

"An amazing in-depth course that goes into procedural texturing, and explores the node editor's small details, with really nice graph visualizations to boot, great for beginners and advanced users alike."

GelamiSalami - Technical Artist

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