Procedural Textures Pack - Roof And Floor

by Nodes and noodles in Surfacing

Will performance be an issue while using these textures?

All the texture and utility nodes have been built with maximum optimisation and performance in mind. A procedural material will always be heavier than one based on bitmaps but these textures are high-performance to reduce this difference to a bare minimum.

Why do the textures look wrong on my geometry?

The most common cause is Texture Coordinate problems.

  1. Make sure the Texture Coordinates correspond to the orientation of your geometry. i.e. A plane lying flat should use the X and Y axes, whereas a plane standing upright and facing forward should use X and Z
  2. The textures, when using Object Texture Coordinates, begin at the origin of the object and proceed right and up (e.g. positive X and positive Y). This means there are no tiles/boards to the left of, or below, the origin. To remedy this, simply place the origin of your object at the bottom left of where you want the texture to appear.

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