Procedural Stone Modeler

by Yashar in Models


This product is a file setup and a workshop for modeling and shading stones easily and intuitively.

Just by moving and scaling you can create a variety of stone shapes.

Although shapes are various they have harmony and integrity within the style and the style is flexible and applicable to project art direction.

With this setup you can have a float continuum of shapes, materials and styles ranged from Simplified-Stylized to Detailed-Realistic controlled by a couple of parameters.

This is the advantage over the scanned stone models which are rigid and non-editable. 

Suitable for fast creating an asset pack then use it for scattering and set dressing. 

Ready to render for orthographic views or cinematic-perspective views.

In the file you find below content:

  • 4 types of procedural base stones with unique characteristics to model a specific stone type
  • Asset pack of pre-modeled stones, rocks and combinations
  • Shader setup to procedurally design stone surface and look
  • Shader setup for layered materials like dirt, moss and Snow


The process for modeling stones is to pick a base type then have a duplicate of it and transform it until the shape shift into a desired state.

After reaching the desired shape, the modifiers are baked down and the mesh can be further edited and cleaned manually or can be used as base mesh for sculpting.

Some modifiers (Bevel, Subsurf...) can be kept for non-destructive workflows.

All the asset pack is modeled with this procedure.


Base shading

For shading use the predefined stone shader node group and use the parameters to design the desired stone.

Use the map outputs to preview what is going underneath and preview maps and parameters effect.

There are also some shader presets in the main "Stone" material you can use them and extend them progressively.

Layered materials

There are three smart shaders to add layered materials to the stones like dirt, snow and moss.

Just add them from node group menu and use the mask output to mix them with the stone shader and use the displace output for displace effect.

Use parameters to control shader attributes and mask.

Density is a Z axis mask which can be used to gradually add material from top to bottom

Noise adds detail and noise to mask feather.

There are also pre-setup layered material in the main "Stone" material. Just select the related material output to activate and use it.

Keep in mind that you should enable experimental feature set in cycles setting to have displace effect.


This product will have long term free updates and new versions with improvements and optimizations and extensions.

Also this file setup and structure is highly extendable and can be extended by the person or company progressively to better initiate in the pipeline.

Feel free to request for any features and i will be glad to improve and update the product with that.

Update 1 - Rocks & Big Stones

 Upon request, i have added Rock and Big Stones modeler and asset pack to the file. Rocks are placed in a new scene in the file named "Rock".

Rocks has an extra empty as gizmo for controlling the direction of pattern and relief. The empty is parented to the object and move along with it but keep in mind to select both object and empty before duplicating. The empty and the object can be used to model the rock. Use "Affect Only Parents" in the transform options to move the object and the empty separately and easily.

Updated file is: Stone_Modeler_1.1.blend


Thanks for purchasing this product. I Hope you will find it useful.

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