Procedural Lava/Magma Material

by yossof karim in Surfacing

A Fully Customizable Procedural Material that works with all models without UV unwrapping them.
The blend file contains two Node groups,one for Cycles and the other is for Eevee, and don't worry they all have the same features.
Note: When using Eevee render engine you must turn Ambient Occlusion on.

There are many settings in this Node-group that helps you create the Lava you want, for example:
The UV Coordinate input: If you have custom UV map for your model you can plug it in that input using the Texture Coordinate Node(you can also put Mapping Node between them if you wanted).

Lava color tempeture: when decreasing the value the lava will be more reddish and when increasing the value the lava will be more yellow
(it's recommended to use this slider to get more realestic lava).

If you didn't like those colors you can enable "Enable Custom Color" by making the value 1 and then choose whatever color you like.

Lava Brightness: Controls Lava emission strength.

Rock color: Controls The color of the rock.

Lava/Rock Density: That is one of the most Important Features in this Node group when you increase the Value the Rock Density will increase and when decreasing the value the Lava Density will increase.

Noise Seed: When changing this Value it will create new lava/rock pattern.

Noise Distortion:The amount of distortion in lava.

Displacement Scale: Controls the displacement strength.

There are more Features in this Node-group, which you can see in the second Product picture.

Sales 30+
Published almost 2 years ago
Blender Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
License Creative Commons
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