Easy Eyelashes

by Blender Easy in Modifier Setups

This tool allows you to quickly generate hair for the eyelashes using curves. You just need a surface to generate the hairs from, and 4 curves. 2 curves drawn on the surface of the object that will hold the roots of the hairs for the upper and lower eyelids, and 2 curves for the tips of the hairs.

To use it you need to;
-append the "Procedural Eyelashes.blend" to your scene, selecting the EYELASH inside the "NodeTree".
-After that, you need to select a surface object,
-Add a "Empty Hair" to it,
-with the "Curve" selected, add a "Geometry Node" modifier to the curve,
-select the EYELASH modifier
-Pick the surface object and the 4 curves for the upper and lower tips and roots for the generated hair
-change the density to increase the number of hair strands and change the width of scalp to limit the area were the hair will grow
-Change the curvature.

You can add clumps, control curvature and spread the tips.


Demo and Tutorial;

Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 3.6, 4.0
License Royalty Free
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