Procedural Crowds

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Bring your scenes to life in seconds with

Do you need to fill the backgrounds of your scenes with people? With Procedural Crowds, you have various types of crowds to choose from to bring your 3D environments to life.

More than twenty different photoscanned and optimized humans

Procedural Crowds provides you with more than 20 different models, and if we take into account the color variations and accessories, there are over 30 different models. Also, each crowd model has a random color variation in clothing and skin tone to avoid repetition.

Crowd types

Create a crowd where you can choose the width and length, decide if they will look straight ahead or at an object you choose. Perfect for creating concert-goers. You can choose a ground object for the crowd to adapt to.

Same as the previous crowd, but in a circle. Decide whether they look towards the center or a specific point, and determine if you want the complete circle or just a section. Also you can choose a ground object for the crowd to adapt to.

Draw a curve and create crowds walking in seconds! Adjust parameters such as width, speed, or number of people among others. Also you can choose a ground object for the crowd to adapt to.

Similar to Follow Curve but aimed at creating armies in formation. It establishes the number of rows and columns among other parameters.

This is a special type of crowd that uses particles instead of Geometry Nodes. With it, you’ll get people who walk randomly or follow a specific point. You can also set up what will be the ground and obstacles they can’t cross.

With this type of crowd, you'll be able to fill stadium stands in a matter of seconds. You can use your own mesh or a predefined stand where you can adjust the height, width, and slope.

Add a human at each vertex (or face) of your mesh. You can use your custom meshes as stadiums or bleachers and precisely control the position of the models.

This type of crowd allows you to choose the density of people at each point of the mesh. You can also set the same density of people for the whole grid.

Different animations for each crowd

The animations of the human characters will vary depending on the type of crowd you choose, including Idle, Walk, or Cheering.

Individual Humans for
specific situations

In addition, the addon includes a feature that lets you add individual human characters and assign animations from a pre-defined list. You can choose to use low-poly models, which are designed for the crowds system, or high-poly models of the same characters, which are more detailed and suitable for close-up shots.

Add your custom models

You might want to create a medieval or futuristic scene, and the "casual humans" pack may not fit your needs. With Procedural Crowds, you can also import your custom models. Follow our tutorial to create your own packs easily.

This pack includes:

  • Procedural Crowds Add-on installer
  • Animated High Poly Models
  • Animated Low Poly Models


The boid system, which utilizes Blender's particle system and physics engine, may occasionally generate errors. To prevent these errors, it is recommended to position the ground slightly below the particle emitter (crowd) and to avoid using surfaces that are too steep.

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