Pro-C Materials

by Pro-C Materials in Surfacing

                           Discover the power of procedural materials !                                            

      Pro-C Materials is an Evolutive and Procedural materials library, for Cycles and Eevee .  

              Located on the 3D View, "Pro-C" lets you search for materials in our  libraries.

                         You don't need to loose your time anymore in the shader editor :

You can now modify the settings of any material directly on our interface and easily switch                                        between the materials with our "auto-assign" function. 

              Specially created for environnement, landscape and design,                                        Pro-C Materials is composed of 3 libraries :

  • Rock (20 materials)
  • Evolutive Ground (8 materials)
  • Evolutive Wall (8 materials)


  Each material is fully customizable, thanks to our Evolutive Shader you      can now change the old age of the material , the color, the scale, the moss location, the "texture coordinate" mode and more … just with one                             click to create unique and awesome scenes . 

                        Evolutive Libraries


                             Rock Library

Here is a list of the current settings available in our interface :
  • Switch between displacement and bump mode in one click,
  • Change the "Texture Coordinate" mode from our selector,
  • Manage the Material List,
  • Scale the material,
  • Rotate the material,
  • Change the Pattern Ratio,
  • Change the Old Age,
  • Choose the Moss Location,
  • Change the color,
  • Choose the Dry/Wet percentage of your material,
  • Choose the Displacement amount,
  • Modify the complexity of the material,
  • Auto-Assign materials.
  • And more ...