Portrait Lighting Masterclass

by Harry Helps in Training

My name is Harry! I’m a professional 3d artist with over a decade of experience. I’ve worked most recently as the Studio Director of an award winning architectural visualization studio.

In this class, we’ll learn how to create beautiful and moody portraits in Blender. We'll be focused on learning the fundamentals of portrait lighting, so you can recreate the dynamic lighting seen in professional photography.

We'll be using a preconfigured starter file as we move through each lesson. This will let us spend more time learning what's important, and less time setting up a file!

Just make sure you have Blender 3.5 or newer installed!

In this class you'll learn:

  • The Common Light Types: We’ll explore the 5 main light types in Blender, while also learning about their key parameters and how they affect our final image.

  • Lighting Terminology: During our 5 unique exercises, we’ll discuss common lighting terms such as main, fill and rim lighting.

  • Critical Thinking and Analysis: We’ll analyze all 5 reference images to get an understanding of how each lighting scheme was created. This includes aspects like what type of light was used, where the light is in the scene, what color is the light and more.

  • Reference Recreation: We’ll take all that we’ve learned throughout our analysis to recreate the reference photo lighting as closely as possible using a premade started file provided in the project resources.

You'll create:

  • 5 distinct lighting schemes based on unique reference photos.

You'll receive:

  • 7 Tutorial Videos (1 hour of focused instruction)
    • 1 - Introduction
    • 2 - Light Types and Their Parameters
    • 3 - Lighting Exercise: Reference 01
    • 4 - Lighting Exercise: Reference 02
    • 5 - Lighting Exercise: Reference 03
    • 6 - Lighting Exercise: Reference 04
    • 7 - Lighting Exercise: Reference 05

    • A preconfigured starter file (Blender version 3.5) with models, camera, named collections and render settings to use with every lesson
    • A completed end file (Blender version 3.5) with models, camera, final lighting, named collections and render settings so you can check your work during and after the class

    This class is meant for intermediates, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be hopelessly lost if you’re a beginner. However, I will be moving through these lessons with the assumption that you’re somewhat familiar with Blender already.

    If you’re just getting into Blender, I’d highly recommend you look at my Blender Market Shop for a beginner class of mine!
    These beginner classes will give you the best starting experience if you’re brand new to Blender! I'd personally recommend my "Model A Low-Poly Sword and Environment" class!

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