Plant Models Vol 129 Blender

by Maxtree in Models

Plant Models Vol 129 is a collection of high-quality 3D small shrub models. Includes 12 species, total 72 single models.

There are colorful display of large pink flowers,bright golden-yellow flowers,showy white flowers,Great for beds and borders, city gardens, cottage gardens or other general landscaping purposes.


  • *.blend (3.3 and above) | *.FBX Format.
  • Cycle | Eevee Materials.


  • Berberis darwinii [‘Darwin Barberry’,’Michay’]
  • Ceanothus x delileanus [‘Ceanothus’]
  • Chaenomeles speciosa [‘ Flowering Quince’]
  • Escallonia x langleyensis apple [‘Escallonia’]
  • Indigofera heterantha [‘Himalayan Indigo’]
  • Lavatera clementii [‘Tree Mallow’]
  • Myrtus communis [‘Common Myrtle’,’True Myrtle’]
  • Olearia macrodonta [‘New Zealand Holly’]
  • Paeonia delavayi [‘Delavay’s Tree Peony’,’Delavay Peony’,’Dian Mu Dan’]
  • Prunus x cistena [‘Purple Leaf Sand Cherry’,’Dwarf Red Leaf Plum’]
  • Rhododendron luteum [‘Yellow Azalea’,’Honeysuckle Azalea’,’Pontic Azalea’]
  • Tamarix ramosissima [‘Saltcedar’,’Tamarisk’]

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Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 3.3
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Textured
License Royalty Free
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