Planetgen V2

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PlanetGen V2

A procedural planet generator for your sci-fi shots and space scenes and much more

What Is PlanetGenV2 ?

A simple and easy add-on for easy development, works well in evee and cycles render, although cycles is recommended. procedural planet generation, ideal for creating fictional planets, to be used in your space shots or animations, for optimised and easy workflow

How does it help?

PlanetGenV2 will make your workflow faster. Now your space shot can be done in minutes. You don't have to create a planet from scratch. use a procedural preset from planetgen and tweak it to your like and Just put the space ship in the scene and start rolling :)

Features :-

  • Easy To Setup
  • Procedural Planets. You Have Control Over Everything
  • Better Graphics
  • Procedural Volumetric Rings.
  • High Quality Planets In Clicks

Creating a planet

Creating planets can be a bit frustrating process with all the different confusing nodes and all that. With PlanetGen all it takes is a few clicks. 

What if we have to create a planet absolute to our Imagination, you can go procedural. Gives you complete control over the planet. almost the complete package for us to work with for cinematic shots and much more.

New Elements


Also now we got rings. That is completely  procedural and volumetric.

Basic Planet

Basic elements are to create a basic planet with procedurally mapped textures, clouds and atmosphere. As the name suggests Basic options are to create planets for low end pc or if you don’t have to have more detailed planet surface, atmosphere clouds etc.

Advanced Planet

We need spectacular quality render that we need to use in our animation, advertisement or anywhere we have to use an imaginary planet out of our own imagination, don’t worry just simple tweaks in Planet Gen. A procedural planet of high quality is ready.

Image based Planet

Image based planet menu is for realistic planet rendering, bring on the highest quality texture of a planet, that’s all… Add-on would do the rest for you.

 Note that when working with 'image based planet' the quality of the planet depends on the texture
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Blender Version 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
License GPL
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