Parametric Table Ridge

by ParametrStudio in Models

We have decided to publish all the original data for complete fabrication production! Back in the days in 2018, The original model for realization, was made in Grasshopper and Rhino 5. We are  bringing to  You whole 3D model in Rhino 5 with the complete Script in Grasshoper.
You are welcome to change it, modify it, rebuild, bake and of course FABRICATE!!! :)  (Send us photos from the realization, by the way, we will be happy to share it  ;) )

Fabrication Pack includes:
DWG/PDF - 2D Vector data for CNC machine 
GH - Grasshopper file working perfect in Rhino 5 (can be used as an template for your own design) 
3DM - Baked 3d model in Rhino 5 in Nurbs (exactly this model you can see realized on the photos)
STL - Clean and waterproof model model prepared for your 3d printer in a small scale
3D DXF/DWG - 3d model exported in curves 


Model of parametric wooden table Ridge with glass top in high, mid and low poly version. An original design piece made by Parametr Studio. A coffee table can be used in two different forms by turning 180 degrees. This design element will perfectly complement and improve your interior. 

Size (LxWxH): 1200x600x470mm
Material: plywood - ebony
Surface treatment: stained and varnished

Showreel in UE 4:


If you are blender user you can tweak modifiers and change model as you wish realtime. 

You can use these live open data to make more low poly or more higher poly models from it. 


3d model was prepared for use in VR environments. UV maps were prepared for Unreal engine 4 or Unity. Every model has 2 own specific UV Maps.  First for diffuse channel and second for lightmap.


Parametr studio is a young creative association focusing on generative design methods in the field of architecture and design. Thanks to the knowledge of architectural visualization, we can provide perfectly prepared models according to the realized products. The design can be customized or made to order.  For more information follow our website:

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Photography of realization was made by Tomáš Souček.