Packed Data Manager

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Do you need to make batch changes to many different Blender data all at once?

Are your scenes full of objects and it takes ages to find what you are looking for?

Do you need to quickly find specific Blender data (such as materials, modifiers, custom properties, meshes, drivers, etc.) and modify their properties in some way?

will save you time.

Work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Inspect and organize your data in Blender within seconds with powerful filtering, selection, and manipulation tools. PACKED Data Manager will streamline your workflow, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on your creativity.  Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a more productive, stress-free Blender experience. Read on and see the difference it can make for you!


Inspect, Filter, Select, and Manipulate Blender Data

Choose from Dozens of Data Types

Read more about Data Types

Hundreds of Filters

Filter Data by Their Properties

Filter feature provides hundreds of filters and millions of possible combinations you can apply to Blender data. Filter either by built-in Blender data properties or use custom crafted filters with unique behaviors. The data will only be showed if it passes the filter conditions.

Built-In Properties

Filter by almost any Blender data property you can find in vanilla Blender property panels and Blender data API outliner view.

Custom Properties

Filter by custom made properties that are not available on vanilla Blender data.

Read more about Filters

Hundreds of Operations

Execute Operations on Filtered Data

Batch execute hundreds of operations for each of the dozens of data types, be it Object, Mesh, UV Map, Custom Property, Driver Variable, F-Curve, or other.

Built-In Property Operations

Change almost any property of any Blender data type.

Custom Operations

Execute unique operations custom-made for different data type.

An example of a Built-in Property Operation that allows you to set Fake User status on any Blender Data-Block data.

Read more about Operations

Operation Reports

Inspect Detailed Reports

Operation reports provide exhaustive information about what effect an executed operation had on each data item, indicating whether the operation succeeded, succeeded but with certain limitations, or failed.

Read more about Operation Reports

Custom Operations

Most Data Types

Rename Anything

Mold the name of most Data Types to fit your own preference. Either use the simple name matching, or use regular expressions to pinpoint the exact parts to replace with a static text, or a dynamic Blender data value determined by its relative or absolute RNA path.


Replace the old name with a new one either using simple name matching or regular expression matching.


Add a number or a letter to the name based on item's order in the list. Add it as a prefix, as a suffix, or in any place of the name by utilizing the regular expression mode.

Change Case

Change the naming style convention of most supported Data Types to match your own. Never have mismatching name styles in your workflow.

Read more about Rename Operation

Any Data Type

Link To Collection

Link objects to any collection either in the currently active scene or in all scenes of the Blend file, based on their data.

In this example, we have two Material items enabled in the list. We can use the Link To Collection operation to quickly find and link to a new Collection all Objects that use at least one of these Materials.

Read more about Link to Collection Operation

Dozens of Data Types

Quick Select in the Viewport

Quickly select in the active view layer those objects which use, or are part of, a selected Data Type.

Read more about Quick Select

UV Layers, Modifiers & Constraints

Rearrange UV Layers, Modifiers, and Constraints

Move UV layers, Modifiers, or Constraints up, down, or to a position at an index on any number of meshes all at once.

Learn more about Move Operation

Asset Tags, Custom Properties, Material Slots, UV Maps, Vertex Groups

Add New Data

Batch add data, such as Asset Tags, Custom Properties, Material Slots, UV Maps, Vertex Groups, to multiple objects all at once.

Read more about Add New Data Operation



Take a selection of objects and arrange them in a grid.

Read more about Scatter Operation

And many more operations...

Learn More about Operations

Two-Way Filtering

Filter out all data that does not relate to your selected data.

In the example below, we can see only those meshes which use the Gold material, and only those objects which use those meshes, and so on up the list stack.

Learn More about Filters and Two-Way-Filtering

And this is not all...

Not only do you get a feature-packed add-on, but also the following perks:

Extensive Online Documentation

Read in-depth descriptions and explanations about every feature in the online documentation.

Free Future Updates

Free Product Support

Community Discussions

public forum to discuss all things PACKED Data Manager! Do you experience an issue or want to report a bug? Do you need a new feature? Create bug and issue reports, propose new features and improvements to current features, or simply ask and discuss anything at GitHub discussions.

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Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
License GPL
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