One Click Hologram

by Suraj Pandya in Modifier Setups

This Tool will provide you to create Hologram Effect for your Low poly 3d object easily. This tool will apply Selected object duplication, wire frame modifier and apply Emission material automatically within one single click. From outline color property, you can change its colors. This tool will work on single selected object. If you are working with heavy poly than this tool is not for you This tool is strictly based on your topology. Lower poly will give you good result. For e.g. Box, Sphere, Low poly car etc. To change object material, you have to go in material panel to change object color and its property. This add-on is just for those artist who wants to just render 3d object for Hologram Compositing in After Effects or any other compositing software.

Method to use

1. Import your 3d model

2. Delete your Every material which is used on 3d model.

3. Select single object(if you have multiple)

4. Click on "Click Here" Button

5. Set Thickness parameter 0.001 for best result.

6. Set Offset parameter as you like.

7. Change Outline Color as per your choice

8. Set Illumination intensity as per your requirement.

Now your Hologram is ready

Note : If you want to change object material property, you have to go into material editor property and you can change it from there.

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Published almost 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.1
License GPL
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