Nodee: Patterns

by Jakob in Surfacing

NODEE: Patterns is a Blender Node Groups asset pack that allows you to create custom patterns for your materials. You  can start from 100 different Node Groups, each with multiple parameters to create thousand of variations. 

Choose one of the 100 different patterns

Create pattern that exactly suits your needs. Each pattern enables you to create infinte amount of diffrent results. Thanks to multiple inputs, each with meaningful name, you can easily edit pattern to create desired effect.

Animate your patterns to create unique effects!

Thanks to multiple input parameters in each of 100 patterns you can create your own pattern, that suits your needs. These 8 patterns below were created using the same base pattern, just with changed input values.

Nodee: Patterns is perfect for creating patterns intended for your fabric materials. Here are some examples of fabrics made with Nodee. (Fabric textures from PolyHeaven)


  • Create unique patterns, thanks to complex Node Groups

  • Create pattern, that suits your needs. Thanks to variety of different inputs, you can drastically change the look of previously designed patterns

  • Free updates forever

  • Advanced Node Groups

  • Prepared for Asset Browser

  • Easy to find right pattern thanks to multiple tags in Asset Browser for each Node Group

  • 100 different patterns that allow you to create infinite amount of variations

  • Example file with 3 fabric materials using different patterns (Fabric material base from PolyHeaven)

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Sales 10+
Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.5, 3.6
License Royalty Free
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