Node Titles: Animated Text For Blender Using Geometry Nodes

by Blender Renaissance in Modifier Setups

Does it have a refund guarantee?

There is a 30-day refund guarantee mandated by blendermarket.

Before buying, please first try the demo so that you can get a general idea of the product.

After buying, contact me via the support inbox or email me at for any problem that you have.

Still, if you encounter any issue, then contact blendermarket for a refund.

Can I use it for commercial purposes?

Yes, this product is for both, personal and commercial use.

What skill level does one require to use this product?

From the absolute beginner to Professional. All of them can use this product. 

I have given step-by-step instructions (with key instructions in PDF training tutorial) on how to use this product.

Do I need any other software apart from blender?

No. Blender is all that you need.

How to buy the product?
  1. Click on the purchase button. 

  2. Click on View Cart

  3. Click on “Continue to checkout”

  4. Then select whether you want to pay via paypal or card.

  5. Add your payment details. If you do not have an account in blendermarket. You'll be asked to input your email address as well.

  6. When the payment is successfully processed. The next page will show you the download links. You will also get the receipt on your email with the download link.

  7. If you need to download at a later time then simply create an account with the same email used to purchase and the downloads will be available on your Account page: 

Does it work on Mac OS?

Yes. This product works on every platform that blender supports. Windows, macOS, and Linux. In fact, this product itself was made on Ubuntu.

Can I use a Nvidia GPU to render it?


What are the system requirements for this product?

I will use the same minimum hardware requirements that blender has,

  • 64-bit quad-core CPU with SSE2 support
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Full HD display
  • Mouse, trackpad, or pen+tablet
  • Graphics card with 2 GB RAM, OpenGL 4.3
  • PC less than 10 year old

What are the licenses of the files in the course?

The Python Nodetitles Addon is licensed GPL 3.0. . (You can use it to earn money but if you build upon the addon with your own code, it has to be licensed under GPL 3.0 as well. Read their respective license in their folder for the complete information on distribution.)

Are there more ways to contact you?



What version of blender does this require?

It works on Blender 3.6 and above.