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Next sketch pack v2 update

Great news Next sketch pack ready

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Next street

Next scatter

Next Trees

Next Sketching Tools





Street / Sidewalk Width

Assets browser

Assets browser

Garden Hedge


Instance Zoning

Branches Effect



Instance Animation

Death & snow



Instance Optimization 





Bottom Displacement



Scatter Zoning

Drawable Trees


Bus stops

Scatter Animation

Deleted Branches


Walking characters

Scatter Optimization




Camera Culling 




LOD instancing system




Procedural UV


Convert Object To Garden Hedge


Wind Factor



Next Sketch is a smart, high-quality, and flexible toolkit to build your imaginary world. You have full control of the materials and the parameters of a wide range of amazing tools, and a bunch of procedural assets that are Optimized carefully for heavy scenes! 

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Next street v2

Next Street is an addon that offers HIGH QUALITY, OPTIMIZED and PROCEDURAL streets. Also, it is offering the ability to customize it to what fits your scene. 

Next street automatically making the intersections when you draw two intersected streets on the same level.

This tool is providing the ability to sketch a street or a road for you, it can understand the street’s/road’s rise in 3D, it can take care of intersections and it is also customizable.

23 built-in materials for Road-street, side walks and brick-line. You can also use your own, but you have to use the generated UV map named "uV" with the help of attribute node.

It’s Extremely new to the world of creation to add a whole street/road using a line, that’s going to be a real revolution in the field of architecture and urban studies.

What can I modify?

  • Light object in the street.
  • Add street lights for street.
  • Distance between lights.
  • Scale of street lights.
  • light’s Plastic cover’s color.
  • Light color.
  • Light strength.
  • Sidewalk’s materials.
  • Street’s materials.
  • Brick lines materials.

  • bench object in the road.
  • Add benches for road.
  • Distance between lights.
  • Scale of the benches.
  • Add sidewalks to the road.
  • Sidewalk’s materials.
  • Road’s materials.
  • Brick lines materials..

For more details : Next street v2

Next scatter v2

The Scatter tool is a powerful tool to scatter an object in the form you like randomly to make it natural. And all you need is to draw a scattering line.
The instance tool is very useful. Add an object, And make instances of it randomly to speed run the designing process.
You can make instances of everything: grass, flowers, rocks, or any object you pick. All you need is a sample object, a surface to scatter, and some imagination. You can make a design for the Savana or a human head; that is just wild. 

What can I modify?

  • Grass (The object).
  • Road Weight Paint.
  • Generate Randomly.
  • Objects on Grass.
  • The Density.
  • The Scale.
  • The Minimum Scale.
  • The Maximum Scale.
  • Random Z Rotation.
  • Follow Face Orientation.
  • Random Rotation.
  • view Port Density %.

What can I modify?

  • Grass (The object).
  • Road Weight Paint.
  • The density of the instances.
  • The minimum distance between the instances.
  • The offset point of the objects.
  • The Objetc’s Face Direction.
  • The Z Rotation.
  • Object’s minimum rotation.
  • Object’s maximum rotation.
  • Object’s minimum scale.
  • Object’s maximum scale.
  • Generate random distribution.

For more details :Next scatter v2

Next Trees v2

This feature allows users to easily create high-quality 3D trees with branches, leaves, and other customizable elements that can be adjusted to fit their specific scene.

The product offers a powerful and efficient way to create high-quality 3D trees in Blender. With its streamlined workflow, high-quality assets, and flexible customization options, it is an ideal choice for artists and designers looking to add realistic trees to their scenes.

  1. Drawable Trees
  2. Growth
  3. Branches Effect
  4. Death & snow
  5. Bending
  6. Bottom Displacement
  7. Deleted Branches
  8. Resolution
  9. Leaves & Roots on/off
  10. Proxy

For more details :Next Trees v2

Next Sketching Tools

Next Sketching Tools: Enhance your drawing experience with this fantastic addon for Blender. It offers a range of innovative features, including fences, walls, trees, plants, and particle systems. But here's the great news! Unleash your creativity and unlock the full potential of your artwork!

  • Ivy
  • Garden Hedge
  • Chain
  • Fences
  • Pipes
  • Particles
  • Wall
  • Water
  • Rope
  • Snow
  • Birds
  • Convert Object To Garden Hedge

For more details :Next Sketching Tools v2

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