Nature Essentials Asset Pack

by CG Geek in Models

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Drag and drop hyper-realistic nature.

This asset pack contains over 20 unique nature species, with 100+ assets included. The essentials for any Blender project. 

Essential for nature renders

Outdoor (and indoor!) scenes will look naked without nature - bring your renders to life with the Nature Essentials asset pack. All of these scenes rendered entirely with Nature Essentials.

Over 100 Assets and 20 Species

Our most realistic assets ever. With a ton of attention put into detail and in collaboration with Graswald, we've put together an essential collection of assets for every scene. With 2 different levels of detail for all species, you can render amazing close-ups as well as scatter millions of assets for large fields.

Assets for Every Scene

Pack includes: 

  • Grass  (Tall, Short, Seedy, and Cut)
  • Weeds  (Plants, Wood Soil, Clover, Dandelions) 
  • Flowers  (Daisy's, Dandy's, Seedy Dandy's, Clover)
  • Rocks  (Sharp, Rounded, Dark and Light)
  • Debri  (Branches, Sticks, Moss, Leaves)

+ More!

Our most realistic nature ever.

Fine details on all assets, making them perfect for even macro close-up use.

Asset-browser ready

Fully compatible and ready to use in Blender's built-in asset browser. Install with just a few clicks (details in documentation) drag-and-drop nature anywhere!

Ready to be scattered

Designed to work with Gscatter, a free asset scattering tool from Graswald. Download Gscatter here -With just a few clicks, you can create full nature scenes with realistic distribution. Powered by Blender's geometry node system you can easily control the scattering using mesh slopes, textures, height, and more. Optimized to be fast and user-friendly.

Multiple Levels of Detail.

All assets come with two levels of detail, which means that you can render extreme close-ups or millions of grass blades in a field, depending on your needs. (via free Gscatter add-on)

Support Blender Development. 

Every purchase of this pack supports future Blender development, CG Geek (me:) in creating new tutorials and content, and the incredible Graswald team. 

Ready to Animate

Assets can be fully animated for wind effects -by just adding in a simple effect modifier in Gscatter, giving you full control for realistic wind effects.

Create full scenes in just minutes

Need flowers or weeds? We have you covered. This pack was carefully hand-picked and assembled by CG Geek (aka Steve) in collaboration with Graswald. Note that most assets come from their library, with the exception of a few unique ones - like these highly-detailed rocks that were carefully scanned from hundreds of photos.  

What others are saying:

"Super optimized! I scattered tens of thousands of leaves & sticks without any problem. Thank you for thinking about the user! Very well thought-out pack indeed." Gleb Alexandrov, 3D Artist.

Rendered by Gleb Alexandrov,

Green car wreck 3d model by matousekfoto is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

Rendered in Cycles, Blender 3.6

Note: The Nature Essentials contains assets specifically selected by CG Geek and the Graswald team. Warning: may contain small amounts of unbelievable realism, caution if you're allergic to great looking renders.
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Dev Fund Contributor
Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Manifold-Mesh, Low-High-Resolution, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Creative Commons
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