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Create Smears and Trails with a Couple Clicks!

MotionFX is a tool for adding emphasis to motion or creating animation style smears. It take only a couple seconds to set up, and in most cases requires no manual cleanup. It has four unique modes and can be used for motion graphic-esque renders, NPR renders, and more.


Here are the current features. Note that as updates are pushed out, new features will be added!

Multiple Modes: Not only can you create smears, but there are multiple ways to do it!

Weight Painting: You can control the concentration and intensity of the smears using vertex groups and weight painting

Simple and Easy GUI: Straight to the point, no unnecessary bells and whistles.


The plan of how the addon will evolve over time.

  • Version 1.0, Launch (Current)
    • Basic functionality, with the ability to create smears and trails of different kinds
    • Includes several ease-of-use features and checks
    • Basic scripting support 

  • Version 1.X, Patches
    • Bug fixes and implementation of user suggestions

  • Version 2.0, The Armature Update
    • Full support for rigged meshes
    • Improvements to speed and overall usability

  • Version 2.X, Patches
    • Bug fixes and implementation of user suggestions

  • Version 3.0, The Scripting Update
    • Full support for user scripting, with the ability to create and use your own modes
    • Speeds dramatically increased by re-writing main functions as external libraries in a faster language
    • GUI cleanup

  • Version 3.X, Patches
    • Bug fixes and implementation of user suggestions

⚠ Experimental Updates ⚠:

These updates may never happen, as they are extremely hard or may be impossible to do with the blender API

  • Version 4.0, Finer Control Update
    • Support for textured trails
    • Support for curve-defined trail shapes

  • Version 5.0, The Final Update
    • Huge speed improvements
    • Module runs in the background
    • Multi-frame curve interpolation
    • New Mode: Doubles

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

If you have any questions, experience issues, have comments, or think you have info that could help improve the addon, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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