J-Mograph Geometry Nodes For Clone Motion Graphics

by JUNJIE无常 in Modifier Setups

Create MoGraph Effects in Blender

The basic idea of course came from Cinema 4D most featured MoGraph system, which is very powerful, and I realized that there was a serious need for such a tool in blender.

This node pack fills the need for a similar tool in Blender, aiding in the rapid creation of clones.

How Does It Work?

2 - 3 steps to create a common MoGraph effects in Geometry nodes.

Create Cloner Process:

Laser Scanning Effects

Motion of Fracture Collection

Mapping Image Color To Instances Process:

(This is a beta version of attribute color node)


Grid Mode - Grid Mode same as Cinema 4D classic Grid Mode

Linear Mode - same as Cinema 4D classic Linear Mode

Object Mode - Can use the geometric normal space to define the rotation axis of the instance.

    Definition Instance:

    • Pick to instances or keep original.
    • Collection to instances.
    • Separate Collection Switch.


    Effector is to control the transform of instances

    Random Effector - The random effector affects the values

    Noise Tex Effector - The noise effector affects the values in space through a noise node.

    Image Tex Effector - Effects the value in space.

    Image Tex in UVMap Space

    Step Effector - The step of change of the value is based on the Index order of the instance.Press TAB after selecting the node to get more control.

    Plain Effector - Make base movement changes to the instance.

    Target  Effector Orient the axes of the instance towards the target


    All field nodes can be combined and more adjusted,such as RGB Mix,ColorRamp,RGB Curves, etc.

    Simple  Usually controls with an empty object and can change the appearance to a sphere or cube with rounded controls

    Noise  Control the field by mapping a texture

    Object Use an object to seat field control

    Linear Orient the axes of the instance towards the target.

    In future updates, more Cinema 4D MoGraph features and other powerful enhancements will be added to this node kit!

    J_MoGraph 1.04

    • Added  Volume feature for J_[1] Cloner (Object Mode )
    • Fix some nodes issues
    • Improve performance of some nodes

     J_MoGraph 1.03

    • Added  New Generator J_[1] Cloner ( Radial Mode )
    • Fix some nodes issues

     J_MoGraph 1.02

    • Added  New Generator as J_[1] Fracture ( Collection )   work in blender 3.1.0+
    • Fix some nodes issues

    J_MoGraph 1.01

    • Added Nodes/Local Space switcher for effector nodes.
    • Added Step/End point switcher for Cloner nodes.
    • Fix some issue and sequence of some node interfaces.

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