Modular Suburban House Creation Tool

by SHcreations in Models

Create beautiful high quality houses with furniture and a garden with this modular asset pack.

Everything is textured with CC0 (copyright free) textures and modeled by me.

All materials work both in Cycles and Eevee. Light materials do emit the correct amount of light

You will receive the asset pack and the single house that’s included in the renders.

The parts fit together very similar to popular base building games, and could even be converted into a working base building system.

There is a included furnished house (to see how parts should fit together), but feel free to use it for other projects.

The 20 houses in the render with the 20 houses are not included.




This asset pack is part of a series of 20 custom houses which are developed and designed by me.

This houses can also be bought in a 5, 10 or 20 house pack.

There is also a free shed available to try out the quality.




I have included a readme file with a link to a video where I assemble a house with this asset pack. The video has chapters which can be used as a guide on how to put certain parts together.




Amount of unique pieces: Some come in 3 color variants too

·         202 wall pieces

·         179 furniture pieces.

·         61 roof pieces

·         21 path and garden parts

·         19 windows

·         16 floor pieces

·         10 doors

·         87 other parts

·         Total amount of parts including all color variants: 1292




The grid is 3.6 x 3.6 x 3 meters in Blender. If you want to use the grid while moving these parts: make sure to search for ‘’unit scale’’ on the left in Blender, and set it to 10. When you are done, set it back to 1.

By default this number is already set to 10, Its very important that you change this to 1 when you want to export anything from this file.

To snap the wall pieces perfectly together, just hold CTRL while you move them in place, they will align to the grid connect seamlessly

The only thing not pre-made in this pack is the pool water, however, the material is included.

For this, just create a cube that fits in the entire shape of the empty pool. Create a cube projection UV with the value of 1.0 And apply the water material.

When you ‘’copy’’ pieces. Make sure to use ALT-D. This way you create instances, which use the least amount of memory.


Included house

The house included is my ‘’Modular Classic Style American House 12’’ In this file the house has no Eevee lighting, but is set up for Cycles renders. This house is completely furnished and works with night renders too.




This project is made with high quality modular parts which results in high performance and low memory usage. All parts are instanced too.

I would still suggest 8gb of ram and 6gb of Vram


Scene setup:


Every part is already in the right category, So when you create a house, every asset will be named and in the correct category already.

All the origins are placed in such a way that parts rotate and connect well .

Doors have their origins at their hinges.

Every part has both their object and data named.




Just the asset pack excluding the house:

-          Objects: 1292

-          Verts: 1,568,312

-          Faces: 1,413,012

-          Tris: 2,922,440




Only the asset pack is exported, not the example house.

-          Blend

-          ABC

-          DAE

-          FBX

-          GLB

-          OBJ

-          PLY

-          STL

-          USDC

-          X3D


It is possible to import this into a game engine too. But keep in mind that some materials might need some manual work to make it look similar to the renders.

Also keep in mind that the game engine has to support a 10cm grid to lock on, so that its easy to snap everything seamlessly together. Unreal engine does support a 10cm grid.


The asset pack and included house have a Royalty Free license. But Credit to Denniswoo1993 is always greatly appreciated!

Sales 10+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published 9 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Low-High-Resolution, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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