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Modifier Shortcut Keys

Modifier Shortcut Keys is a free Blender Add-on that allows you to add modifiers to one or more objects quickly using shortcut keys. Also supports the 'Synced Modifiers' Add-on (another free add-on available on my profile) to synchronize the added modifiers using Drivers.


Select all the objects to which you want to add the modifiers.

Press F(can be changed in the preferences) to start the shortcut keys mode.

A list with 26 modifiers and their shortcut keys will be displayed on the right side of the viewport.

Press any of the 26 keys to add the corresponding modifier.

Using Synchronized Modifiers:

When adding modifiers to more than one object by default, they will be synchronized using drivers and can be managed easily with the Synced Modifiers add-on.

You can choose to not synchronize the modifiers by holding down CTRL while pressing the keys.

The default behavior can also be changed in the preferences, so only holding down the CTRL key will add synchronized modifiers.

Unique Names:

By Default, the Unique Names toggle is ON and when it is on the names of all the modifiers on multiple objects will be appended with 4 random letters, thus making the names unique and allowing you to change values on multiple objects together by holding down ALT while changing.

This is not necessarily required when using synchronized modifiers.

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