Microphone Radio Podcast Shure Sm7B

by flawlessnormals in Models

1) What is this product:

- This product consist one subdiv ready model of **Shure SM7B **microphone with ability to rotate on “shim center” and around “holder shim”, wire is rigged and it will be deform with rotating of microphone.
- Model placed in compact rigid hierarchy.
- Windshield foam is separatable and can be removed.
- tumbler on rear side of mic can be switching by dragging related object.
- Ready for high fidelity product shot, advertising, commercial, showcase etc.
- Non pbr classic pipeline for unbiased renderers.
- Fine details.
- Modifier stack is not collapsed

2) About geometry:

- Polygons: 175784
- Tris: 242568
- Vertices: 122201

3) Light setup:

- The light rig is not included in files it uses standart hdr product shot rig, so if you wanted to render image as is on preview you can find similar studio hdr and put in scene, i can't put it my product because of IP.

4) Technical specs:

- Model is built to real-world scale.
- Dimensions of main body model is:
- length = 9 cm;
- width = 7,65 cm;
- height = 21,8 cm.
- UVs are overlapped, labels and text made with simple texture b/w mask.
- Units used: centimeters.

5) Textures:

- Textures are 3 files all of them 1024 x 1024:
- foam is base color for windshield.
- foam_spec is specular color for windshield.
- shure_tex_a is b/w mask, main microphone texture.

6) File formats: Blender 3.2

7) License and legal

- Shure original design, IP required.
- Editorial license, brand Shure is not affiliated with or endorsed original rights holders and must be used under editorial use restrictions.

If you need any other file format versions you can contact me to convert them. You can write me in personal message in any time, I’ll reply you quickly as possible, feel to free to offer your price, hope you’ll like this product and others.

P.S. please give me a reviews and any feedback in comments I’m appreciate it ^^ thanks
Published almost 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Textured
License Editorial
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