Metalworks – Passthrough Series: Environmental Wear

by Jim Morren in Surfacing

Why Should You Buy this Mini Shader Pack?

If you have a simple or even a complex model and hate the unbearable process of UV unwrapping it and the wasting of hours on shader work, than this is perfect for YOU! No UV’s, No Image Textures, No Fuss


  • Realistic Results
  • Easy to use
  • Great for any Project
  • Free updates/bug fixes

What can I use this for?

  • Any Scene that Involves Dust, Mold or Water
  • Example: Old Buildings
  • Example: Outdoors
  • Example: Abandoned Rooms
  • Example: Post-Apocalyptic Objects

  What is a Passthrough Shader?

These shaders allow you to passthrough your own shaders through these shaders, adding these effects to your own shaders.

Is it hard to use?

No, its super easy, you wont need any UV’s or Vertex Paints, etc. set up, just plug in you shader in the green shader slot and your all set.

Are there any down sides to using procedural shaders?

Procedural shaders all rely very strongly on good topology, this means, avoid Triangles, Ngons, Stars and unevenly distributed topology, basically the better the topology the better the results, and visa versa.

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