Metallic Car Paint Shader

by Kuwabara in Surfacing

  1. After download, extract the .zip to your preferred location. 
  2. Choose "File --> Append", so you will insert the shader
  3. Navigate to the extracted .Blend File and navigate to the NodeTree section of the .blend 
  4. Select Metallic_car_paint. 
  5. Click "Append from Library"
  6. If you want the shader already appended when you open a new scene, open you start up file, append the NodeTree, set it in the node editor, and click the F icon to save it even if it has no user. After that, delete the material, save your start up file as well as the user preferences, and you always will be able to find the Metalli car paint NodeTree in the "add" section of the node editor under "Group".
Sales 40+
Published about 7 years ago
Blender Version 2.6x, 2.7x
License Royalty Free
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