Mercedes-Benz S Class 2015 CoupÉ

by loopbr4ker in Models

High detailed model created entirely with Blender 2.83.

The model is fully rigged.

All the materials are procedural, allowing fast customization.

Advanced Car Paint shader includes.

Ready to render in Blender with Cycles and Eevee. It was rendered in Blender 2.83 with Cycles.

The file can be used with older versions of Blender without any kind of problems.

The files provide uncollapsed modifier stack for all the parts in the model.

The wireframe in the preview is the lowest subdivision level.

For this product, there's 2 different .blend files included. In the first, you can make any kind of changes to the model. The "Rig" .blend file includes the rigged model (with "subdivision surface modifiers" and "simplify" option in the render tab activated to increase viewport performance, some parts of the model could be viewport decimated to maximize performance, everything can be deactivated and reactivated through the modifiers and render tabs).

A custom license plate can be provided on request.
Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83
Misc Data Manifold Mesh (Water-Tight), Rigged, Low & High Resolution
License Editorial
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