Material Add On

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Material Add On

Please use the link below to get the updated version of the addon with over 180 procedural materials and 11 category 🔥🔥


You have 2 option to purchase.
You can buy only the metallic shader addon what contains 32 different every day used metallic shaders or you can get the bigger pack what contains 32 everyday used surface shaders in different category.

List of materials 

Alien planet, Asteroid, Bamboo, Brick wall, Camo, Cartoon, Cement, Clay, Cobblestone, Fabric, Freshnel, Ghost, Ice, Lave, Leather, Liquid, Marble, Matte, Mud, Plastic, Road Water, Sandstone, Scifitile, Scifi Wall, Snow, Stone, Stylised Emission, Tile, Tinted glass, Water, Wood, Wooden Floor

Basic Metal, Brushed Metal, Carbon fiber, Chrome, Copper, Dented metal, Dirty metal, Edge Wear, Glossy metal, Gold, Matte, Metal floor, Metallic with Hearts, Metal Strips, Metal with Holes, Metallic Crossing, Oily, Rusty , Rusty Paint, Scifi, Scifi floor, Scifimetal1, Scifimetal2, Scifi scratched , Scifi Tile, Scifi Wall, Scratched, Silver, Used Metal , Wall Scifi, Wire in wall, Gradient

Metallic Addon only

After installing the addon right panel will say YV3D shader, click on it 
and the following window will be there 

Click on the shader ball and pick your material you wish to use.

Some of the materials have less set up possibilities like matte and chrome as they only give the color, but some have a lot eg Rusty, Metallic crossing

Metallic and Surface pack 

After installing the addon right side panel will say YV3D. Click on the icon and it will open the material tab. Simply click on the image and pick the material you wish to use. 

Some of the material only work with eevee, some of them only work with cycles, but most of them works with both engine.
Some materials uses displacement, so for better result use cycles and make sure you have enough vertex on your object. 
Few of the material are animated and possible to animate.

I created this add on, because I know it can be hard to always recreate your favorite material for your new project. With this add on you can find from very basic to advanced material and apply it with a  simple click on the icon. 

Feel free to use for any purpose you like.

HDRI i used for renders are not included 

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
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