Master Character Design In Blender For Unity & Unreal Engine

by Reality Fakers in Training

Level Up Your Skills: Design & Animate Amazing 3D Characters with Blender 3.6

Unleash your Creativity and Design your own Character Game with this character creation course!

Join now and discover how to Design, Animate, and share your very own Awesome Character Game.

Here's a sneak peek at the amazing journey that awaits you:

ğŸŽ® Part 1: Character Creation Workshop - Master Modeling and Texturing

Learn how to create captivating characters from scratch. Bring them to life with vibrant textures that make them truly stand out.

ğŸŽ¬ Part 2: Animate Your Character - Bring Your Characters to Life

Learn to make your Character Walk, Run, Jump, and express themselves in ways that will captivate players.

- Walk & Run Animation

- Jump Animation

🌍 Part 3: Game World Adventure - Craft Amazing Environments

Craft stunning Game Worlds Environment. From magical forests, you'll learn how to build environments that will transport players to awe-inspiring realms.

Design Epic Game Environments for your 3D Characters in Blender

🚀 Part 4: Build Your Character Game - Create and Share Your Masterpiece

Learn how to Make your Character Playable in Unity & Unreal Engines.

Then, Publish and share your creation on PCs and Android devices, allowing players everywhere to enjoy your masterpiece.

Play Your Character Game on Your Android Mobile Phone:

By Enrolling You Will Get:

  • 7.5+ hours of easy-to-watch video tutorials

  • 67 High Quality 1080p Lectures Well Structured

  • 23 Downloadable Files & Project files are included

  • Instructor support whenever you get stuck

Join me in this course now and let your creativity run wild!

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.6
License Creative Commons
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