Luts For Blender

by SoyKhaler in Render Setups

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  • Patryk
    7 months ago

    The addon doesn't work at all. I couldn't install it but I imported the node group from the Blender file in source files and tested it out.
    The author seems to have no idea what a LUT is and how it works. He just made a node group that blurs the PNG image and scales it up with a transform node and then applies the color of it to your render. It's basically an averaged 1 color applied to your image. No tonal changes, just 1 color applied with a color mix node. If you try to use a neutral PNG LUT image there, you get a black and white image instead of the same, original image as it should be with a neutral LUT.
    I know it's just 1$ but don't waste time on it.

    • Diego Ortiz Más

      6 months ago

      I understand how a LUT works; I come from the world of imaging. The problem is that Blender doesn't have a Python API to apply LUTs; you have to modify the OCIO files. However, I plan to release a free update in the future to address this issue

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