Low Poly Melee Weapons

by Ksalk3D in Models

This is a low poly - melee weapon pack .

This pack has 16 models .

each model comes with a texture of size 512x512 pixels.

the texture is a color palette .


The model are great for prototyping   low poly scenes  enviorment  and even for games.

This pack was made keeping low poly And game platforms in mind.

the models comes in following format.

a.) .blend(native file)

all the models are available separately with their scenes  and setup.

the texture is available as textures.rar.

the polygon and vertices of each models are as follow-

a.)       Wrench-> Vert-> 254, Faces-> 274 (two wrenches same layout but different textures) 

b.)   Axe-> Vert-> 108, Faces-> 98.

c.)BaseBallBats -> Vertices-> 108 , Polygon-> 98.

d.)    Chainsaw -> Vertices->750 , Polygon-> 736.

e.)     CrowBar ->  Vertices-> 60, Polygon-> 64.

f.)     Knife   -> Vertices-> 606 , Polygon-> 703.

g.) golf club   -> Vertices-> 150, Polygon-> 152.

h.) hammer(1&2) -> Vertices-> 192, Polygon-> 189.

i.)sledgehammer -> Vertices -> 524, Polygon-> 495.

j.) Main_File   -> Vertices-> 3303, Polygon->3361.

k.) pitchfork   -> Vertices-> 136, Polygon-> 134.

l.)police baton -> Vertices->112 , Polygon-> 106.

m.)wrench(1&2)  -> Vertices-> 254, Polygon-> 274.

The models have been tested in unity 

the models are great for games mobile pc or even for prototyping.

hope you like the model thank you.