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LOGOnodixAddon for Blender 3.3+

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  • Node based 3D LOGO and SHORT TEXT LINE creation tool for private and commercial
  • Create mesh objects FAST with material from any 2D SVG vector file or text input
  •    Video Tutorial    is included the purchased download package

Create quick standard 3D design or go crazy with the Endless Possibilities of combinations from the LOGOnodix tools.

You know the pain of using curves from SVG files or text objects. Try to create a great 3D LOGO or TEXT and you will realize very quickly that it is a lot of work to edit all the separated curves in the same way to get the exact same look with materials of each character or shape. Lets say you want to create a great text called SALE for a client and try it with standard modeling tools. After a lot of time you are happy with your result and send it to your client. Then you get great feedback - BUT your client want to have now the word BIG SALE instead of SALE. And here the pain begins - do you remember all the steps you made for the cool looking 3D text? Maybe after a lot of hours you can recreate the new characters and send them to your client. BUT with LOGOnodix you can get the result in no time by just change the text and hit return - BOOM DONE ! You have created a very cool 3D LOGO and want the same look for another LOGO? No problem - copy the blend file - open the copy - load the other SVG LOGO file - maybe adjust some little things - BOOM DONE !

3D Logos and Text has never been so easy to create with Blender - fast and stunning results in no time - not hours or days and changes are very easy to deal with. Because there is no need to model a single polygon, everyone from beginner to pro can create cool designs. Beginner should know the very basic usage of Blender and the video tutorial explains the workflow. Paying customers will get support for the addon itself, but NO TEACHING in Blender (for this please have a look into the WEB - there are so many videos for learning the basics).

The dynamic N-Panel is build to work fast with all settings visible or in EDIT MODE to concentrate only at the creation of the logo parts. For better workflow you can work in LoRes MODE while the High Quality MODE is for look DEV and rendering.

This Addon is build to work ONLY in the N-Panel with easy and clean UI. Forget about the standard modeling way and ignore the outliner - just see the automatic generated LOGOnodix collection as a black box and it will be your best friend.

  • To get STARTED in no time watch the included Video Tutorial
  • For a new LOGO always start with a fresh blend file
  • Create your LOGO from scratch or choose a template preset for ONE CLICK design
  • Change the default LOGO to your SVG file or TEXT and choose a FONT at any time
  • Choose the TOOL MODE for LOGO or text or combined design
  • Add a PLATE to your LOGO and choose a shape
  • Convert your finished design into a real mesh object with all separated parts
  • Save your blend file
  • Append your LOGO mesh object to your projects or add it to the asset browser
  • Animate - destroy - edit - the final output LOGO mesh like any other
  • Use your own materials in the final output mesh by deleting the LOGOnodix materials
  • Use your LOGO as a preset by just copy the blend file and change it for another LOGO
  • For combined LOGO+Text with 2 designs just create 2 blend files and join the outputs

  • 3 main TOOL MODES [LOGO - TEXT - Combined]
  • 3 main LOGO PART sections [Body parts - Design parts - Plate parts]
  • Each LOGO part section has 5 parts - so max 15 separated parts in the output LOGO
  • Template Browser for ready made ONE CLICK LOGO design
  • Preset Browser for a LOGO PLATE
  • Material Browser with dynamic setting system for EASY material EDIT
  • Materials are mainly made for CYCLES - use your own in the output LOGO if needed
  • Import of any SVG FILE
  • Load any TTF FONT
  • Type your SHORT TEXT LINE
  • Best usage for clean LOGOs and bold text without thin details
  • Set the name of the output LOGO meshes

  • DO NOT - touch - rename - move - copy - anything from the generated red LOGOnodix collection
  • The LOGOnodix TOOL itself is NOT made for animation - its ONLY build for creating a 3D object mesh
  • Do NOT try to copy the red LOGOnodix collection

  • Update Version 1.1
  • Fix for base and detail color are not working since Blender 3.4 because of a big change in the color node
  • Initial Release Version 1.0

  Render and Smile   ...

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Blender Version 3.3
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