Lj Smart Studio Pro

by BLENDERMAGIC in Surfacing

How does its keyframe recording work?

Because you want to perform one key to add keyframes to multiple different objects, we use the keying sets here. You can also turn it off in the settings.

Does multinational language support it?

Yes, the interface supports English, Chinese and other languages in the future. If you want to support your national language, please write to me

(Note that this version of the asset library is in English,If you need another language library, please write to me)

Does it have a video tutorial?

It's still in production and will be available in the future

Additional content

My team is currently specializing in blender technology and teaching, serving some factories, e-commerce and medical enterprises. Therefore, I am willing to accept suggestions and ideas from anyone, and I will actively solve problems.

In addition, I am also a videofree tutorial producer. For many years, I believe in the idea of free teaching and have produced hundreds of free Chinese course video. For example, blender octane full parameter, cycles full parameter and so on. I hope they can help you, too~ XD

This is my channel:https://space.bilibili.com/35723238

Does it support MAC system?

Yes, part of the development is on the Mac

Does it support redshift renderers?

In the future, it will not be fully supported for the time being, but now you can use node preset storage

Why did I make it?

I'm a product designer and programmer, and I came into contact with blender a few years ago during my illness. With day-to-day use and exploration, as a product designer, I have some ideas of my own.

1 Work is not learning. We can't all start from 0

2 We need whole process tools to simplify everything

3 The function of a tool should not be designed specifically for an asset. We should make the tool intelligent to adapt to the asset

So based on the above ideas, my friends and I designed this tool.

What is its smart core?

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Blender Version 3.4, 3.5
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