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by Vovrzull in Addons

Add-on for the blender based on geonodes that allows you to start segments along a curve without deformation and with controlled deformation of the segment

Allows you to work with a curve, create chains, tank tracks, corrugations, complex cylindrical parts without cylinders, flexible shapes, a more convenient way to create and configure tires and create a mesh during deformation using geometric primitives, and much more

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The start of the addon is called from the Curve add panel > select the curve, press the start Link Curve button > click on the object field or use a pipette to select the object to be used on the curve, then you have two methods of placing on the curve by units and by meters, in the method with meters there is a scale button that increases the object and decreases its number on the curve is likewise the opposite, and also when the curve is expanded, objects will be automatically added to the length of the curve


You select two objects when the alternation button is disabled, the objects will appear in the same places, when the alternation button is on, the objects go in turn, it is very important that the objects are even, so that there is no repetition at the ends, this can be adjusted by the method individually or by the length of the curve


Allows you to adjust the position of objects along the axes on the curve, the left panel for the first object, the right panel for the second object

Global scale and rotation

Allows you to adjust the scale and rotation of all objects along the axes

No Instance or instance

Scale Object

Object rotation, two objects without alternation

Creating a chain of two segments without alternation by placing them on the same positions with different pivot points using the object rotation function to adjust.

Creating Tires Using Segment Deformation

Tire Making Instructions

Segment deformation creating complex shapes

Deform limit function

Curve Profile

Profile Custom

Fast creation of objects from a mesh line without its own custom objects capabilities, built-in fixation takes bezier allows you not to use axes when editing geometry and the number of vertical and horizontal loops when working with curves and much more

Object Deform + Geonode Primitives

Deformation of geonode primitives, permanent access to the segmentation setting, also the function can be reused on the object, after application, when deforming a normal object, it is possible to use the deformation limit in the edit mode, or after re-applying the deformation already on the applied primitive

Update 1.1.8 Bug fixes

Update 1.1.6 Improvements for combined work

  • Auto detect mesh line or curve, toggle button removed
  • Synchronization of the geoprimitive panel with the Progeoprim addon
  • Bug fix (displaying the old object in the object panel)

Update 1.1.5 Bug fix

Update 1.1.4 Duplicate deform (New function)

Update 1.1.3 Bug fix

Update 1.1.2 The Deform system has been greatly improved

  • Expanded control of axes - now you can deform two connected objects at the same time
  • An object that already has a deformation when connected is embedded in the deformation segment
  • Added a system of geonode primitives to work with deformation

Update 1.1.0 Profile block improvements, custom profile improvements, bug fix

Update 1.0.8 Added deformation control (Limit Deform panel)
Be in mesh edit mode when using segment deform or object deform 

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
License GPL
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