Learn 3D Photorealism In Blender: Subway Challenge

by Reality Fakers in Training

Learn the Process of Photorealism

(Please Watch the Demo Video Above)

[NEW] July 2019 Updates:

- Modeling: Including All Shortcuts (No More Frustration)

- Reference Disappears in Wireframe [SOLVED]

- Better Audio Quality

- Final Project Files are Included (You can Check them Now)


  • Master Scale Matching

fSpy: Learn how to use it to match the scale of any Reference

  • Model like a Pro

Create Clean, Realistic & Optimized Modeling

Every Modeling tool used is explained in Extreme Details

Part 2# Texturing

Fact: Materials represent more than 60% of the Entire Work

Do You Need a Material? I will Teach You How to Create them by Yourself

Bricks Material

Ground Material

Stairs Material

IMPORTANT: You Will Learn the Skill to Create Any Material You Need

Part #3: Reaslitic Lighting

Match the Same Lighting of your Reference

Top 5 Rules for Achieving Realistic Lighting

Create 3 Different Lighting Scene

Learn the Right Settings to Change to Have Different Results

Sunny Day:

Same Reference Lighting:

Cold Lighting:

Grab Your Reference & Start the Challenge


Abdelilah Hamdani: 3D Designer/Developer, Founder of RealityFakers.net

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