Launch Control // Auto Car Rig

by Daniel Vesterbaek in Addons

Where can I download the included car models?

After buying Launch Control, you will get access to different versions of the add-on. Alongside these versions, you'll find a file called "" (Where XXXXXX is a date in a 6-digit format).
You can download this file and unzip it to get access to the blend files with the car models.

Can I rig 6-wheeled vehicles with Launch Control?

For now, Launch Control is built for rigging 4-wheeled vehicles. If you are a experienced Blender User you could modify the rig created by Launch Control to work with 6-wheeled vehicles, but it is not recommended to do so unless you are an experienced rigger. 

I get a message saying that my car is too small or too big - What do I do?

Launch Control is built to rig and control vehicles with a wheelbase of the length 1m to 12m (1 to 12 blender units). Anything smaller or bigger than this cannot be rigged. That means, you might have to scale down/scale up your vehicle before rigging.

When rigging, Launch Control tells me my car is 0 units long - What do I do?

Launch Control uses the object origin of the "tire meshes" to determine the wheelbase of the vehicle. If the origin of the 4 tires are not in the center of the tires, this calculation will fail. 
You can try the following and rig the vehicle again:
- Select all 4 tire meshes
- Object -> Set Origin -> Origin to Geometry

My car becomes slightly offset when I click "Rig Vehicle!" - What do I do?

Launch Control currently has some issues rigging cars that are not facing -y. If you are experience problems rigging your custom car, please try rotating the entire model so the front of the car is facing -y inside Blender. Make sure to select the 4 tire meshes after rotating the car and hit "Ctrl+A -> Rotation" to apply the rotation of the tires.

Clicking "Rig Vehicle!" makes Blender crash - What do I do?

Some other add-ons have can interfere with Launch Control. One known add-on, which does this is "WiggleBone". If you have this add-on installed, please disable it before rigging your car with Launch Control.

Blender is crashing when rendering an LC Animation - What do I do?

- Some other add-ons can interfere with Launch Control. One known add-on, which does this is "WiggleBone". If you have this add-on installed, please disable it when using Launch Control. 
- The "Speed-O-Meter" from Launch Control v1.0 - v1.3 should not be enabled while rendering. It can cause crashes. Turn it off inside "Manual Gearbox -> Advanced Animation -> Speed-O-Meter" before rendering.
- Use "Lock Interface" to avoid certain crashes. You can enable it in the top bar: "Render -> Lock Interface".

My car seems to explode when I hit "Rig Vehicle" - What do I do?

Please make sure you are using the right version of Blender for the right version of Launch Control. 
- Launch Control v1.0 until v1.3.22 works with Blender 3.2 until 3.5
- Launch Control v1.3.5+ only works with Blender 3.6+

When I render my Launch Control Animation, Blender crashes. - What do I do?

From our in-house testing 3 things are usually the fault of a crashing Launch Control render:

1. The Speed-o-meter is enabled (Only for LC v1.0.0 until LC v1.3.53)
     - The original Speed-o-Meter in Launch Control can cause crashes if enabled during rendering. When you finish your animation, please turn it off before rendering. :)

2. Other "animation add-ons" are interfering with Launch Control:
     - Certain add-ons are altering the animation process in Blender and can mess up Launch Control, causing it to crash Blender.
     If you have any of the following add-ons installed, please disable them before rendering a Launch Control animation:
            - Wiggle Bones Add-on
            - Bonedynamics Pro
            - Photographer Add-on (Specifically the tracked auto-focus is causing problems, so please don't use this with LC)

      If you discover more add-ons that seem to be incompatible with Launch Control, please reach out, so we can investigate. Thank you!

3. Enable "Render -> Lock Interface":
     - This check-box makes sure that the interface is frozen while you render. This reduces V-Ram and also improves stability.

If nothing of the above works, please reach out and we will find a solution! :)

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