La Cartuja De Sevilla Flor De Lis Crockery

by limiaspasdaniel in Models

La Cartuja de Sevilla Flor de Lis Crockery

La Cartuja de Sevilla is a classic porcelain crockery used daily at home since 1841. La Cartuja de Sevilla manufactures tableware and other decorative items of English porcelain since 1841, and has been recognized for its quality by royal houses and modest users.It has been the most used crockery in Spain for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


The scene contains all the objects listed below also with Cycles Render materials prepared. Each object is well renamed to avoid confusions as well as each material. Material nodes are simple but effective and they are also renamed an grouped.


  • 9 individual objects, including recipient tapes.
  • 1 soup bowl.
  • 1 deep bowl.
  • 1 teapot.
  • 1 simple plate.
  • 1 sugar bowl.
  • 1 cup of tea.
  • 1 dessert plate that can be used as a tea plate because both have the same shape.
  • 1 blend file, each group of objects separated in different layers.
  • 1 obj file with all the objects included.
  • renders: for each object of the crockery, one of all of them placed in the same scene and two wireframes.
  • Textures. All of them are greyscale textures you should use as blend maps.


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Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 10 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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