K2 Decal Machine Pack

by Lumer B in Models

This decal machine pack is a collection of 400+ decals intended for adding details to your 3d models, environment scenes and props objects. The designs are simple to be adaptable and easy to use in different situations or style. It is great for fast concepting and detailing.

Decal machine needs to be installed to use this pack. (Decal Machine 2.5 Ready)

How to use:
  • download the zip file and extract
  • copy the folders to your decal machine assets folder
  • videos and documentation by the Decal Machine addon author

Decals Included:

  • Info Decals - plain png decals, mostly monocolored but colors can be changed through the shader editor
  • Simple Decals - simple and the most basic without any subsets
  • Emissive Decals - with small lights or emissive materials
  • Subset Decals - with a second material
  • Panel Decals - edge parting lines, some have subset panels

Why use decal machine?

Decal Machine is an addon developed by Machin3. It is one of the top used addons and is actively being supported. It allows for fast concepting and detailing without worrying about bevels/fillets on smaller areas. For more info, it is always best to read an addon's documentation, it is very instructive and informative.

Decal Machine Documentation: https://machin3.io/DECALmachine/docs/

  • FREE Updates!
  • I will actively be adding more decals.
  • The goal is to be a mountain of decals and be absolutely useful for 3d artists and professionals hence the name K2.

Why the decals look so simple?

The simpler the details, the better it can adapt to different uses. I also included some complex decals though and will be adding more in the future.

More FAQS: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/k2-decal-machine-pack/faq

Bake Settings:
  • Anti-Aliasing: 2x
  • Resolution: 1024
  • AO: 256

  • Demo Base Shapes - so you can try with the details

Decal Machine:

Gumroad: https://machin3.gumroad.com/l/DECALmachine
Blender Market: https://blendermarket.com/products/decalmachine

Documentation: https://machin3.io/DECALmachine/docs/

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message.

Thank you very much for checking this out. I would be very glad for your support and keep on improving the products.

Have a wonderful day ~c",.) 

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