Instant Reaction Diffusion - Geometry Nodes Procedural Organic Patterns Generator

by Atdesignz in Modifier Setups

This Geometry nodes Modifier will help you create Organic patterns growth Animation in real-time with no simulation or scripting.

Main features:

1- Generate Organic patterns growth animation in real-time viewport with exposed controls.

2- Real-time setting exposed for you to adjust Disp. height, scale, Animation speed & more...

3- Mix 2 noise patterns or use single pattern to create unique growth shapes in real-time.

4- 15 Real-time Materials for Eevee/cycles and counting with each update.

Easy to use:

1- Subdivide your mesh,

2- Select your mesh first and then the demo mesh, Ctrl+L and click 'Copy Modifier' from the drop-down menu.

3- Adjust all controls to fit your needs and enjoy!

*If you want to work from within your own project file rather than using the demo file, append this Geometry nodes setup/modifier from the demo file and add it to your mesh from within the Modifier panel, using geometry nodes modifier.

What you need to know :

- This is a Geometry Nodes modifier and not an add-on. Compatible with Blender 3.6 and later.

- Blender 3.6+ has the baking feature for Simulation Nodes of the Geometry Nodes. To export the animation correctly you'll need to bake: Select the Object having the simulation nodes -> Physics Tab -> Simulation Nodes (Bottom) -> Press Bake. It will bake and store the cache next to the project file (you can change cache folder in the internal dependencies section at the bottom of this Geometry nodes modifier.)

- You can use cycles or Eevee and the materials will still look good but obviously you can enjoy the lower render time and less demanding on your computer with Eevee.

- You can bake diffuse, displacement and normals out from generated patterns 'after you apply modifier' to use for texturing.

- By default, a material/shader is assigned to the Modifier, you can easily choose from 15 materials within the "material" control in the drop-down menu.

- This Modifier is optimized for normal/lower-end computers since it uses high-performant geometry nodes to emulate the organic growth simulation, specifically Reaction diffusion patterns.

- Demo Video for how to use the modifier and a Look-book PDF version will be added soon.

- Head Of Michelangelo's David is not included in the demo scene, you can download it for free from this link then copy the Coral reef setting below to replicate it:

If you have any issues, we will be really happy to help you via and soon Discord.


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Published 11 months ago
Blender Version 3.5, 3.6
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