Holy Food (Shaders, Tutorials & Models)

by DoubleGum in Models

(Tutorials released: 1/8)


A collection of models, shaders, and tutorials for CG FOOD!
This is an ongoing project. 

AVOCADO /wrath

CANDY /lust
EGG /sloth (Gudetama)

CAKE /pride

SUSHI /gluttony

GOBSTOPPER /envy (Lord Gob Packer)

CORN /greed


Background Shader

This is one special material for your background. It adds a vertical gradient of 2 colors that can be controlled with sliders on the node. A controllable vignette that adapts to the size of the camera or window.

Background shader is included in all variants of Holy Food :)


You will have full access to lifetime updates, depending upon the product variant you choose. For example, if you buy 'Shaders Only' once, you will receive all future shader updates for free. 'Tutorials Only' will give you tutorial updates, and so on.

With the 'Full Pack' variant, you get full access to the entire pack and all future updates for life. :)


Please note that these will be SHADER/ MATERIAL/ GEONODES tutorials.

00 Introduction

  1. Materials and Node Editor
  2. Shaders
  3. Textures and Helper nodes
  4. Vectors and Texture Coordinates
  5. Test Demo

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Happy Blending!

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